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VITAL Freediving is owned and operated by Freediving Instructor Rob Tutton. Rob has spent most of his life on the water as a commercial treasure diver, a live-aboard catamaran owner, and a Naval Architect. In 2015, he became an AIDA Certified Freediving Instructor with the vision to help others experience the pure beauty of the reefs of St. John. We look forward to connecting your mind, and body with the natural wonders of the ocean through freediving.

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Beginner Classes

We’ll take an hour or so to go through basic instrucion on land before heading into one of St. John’s secluded bays, to see the underwater forest. You will learn about, and experience the fish, soft & hard corals, as well as the sea turtles, who frequent the reefs around St. John.

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Spear Lionfish

The exotic red lionfish (Pterois Volitans) is a venomous predatory fish, native to the Indian and Pacic Oceans. They have invaded the reefs around the Virgin Islands. This class teaches safe practices for spearing and cleaning the fish.

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What Is Freediving?

Anyone who has held their breath underwater has freedived. However, freediving is not simply about seeing how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can go on a single breath. You have to create the right attitude and pay attention to the limits of your body and mind. The true appeal of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to people’s hectic lives.

Have you ever walked in the woods and felt in harmony with the trees, birds, and other life around you? VITAL Freediving will help you to have that same comfortable experience when exploring the reefs around St. John.

This is why we emphasize relaxation reveals adventure.

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No matter what your experience level, you are going to have fun!

Reef Tours & Beginner Classes

AIDA 1: This course teaches you the basic secrets of freediving that will help you to dive safer and longer. You’ll spend a few hours learning theory on land before heading into the water. Volunteer in Marine Science Studies (all courses): VITAL Freediving actively collects data for CORE and Project Baseline. Both studies rely on geotagged fish descriptions, photography and video. As a student, you can volunteer to help collect data during your dives.

AIDA 2 Freedivier

If you’re an accomplished swimmer or have some freediving experience, you may choose this course. You will learn most of the techniques that will give you a solid foundation in relaxation, safety with the buddy system, static breatholds, dynamic and constant weight dives…

Spear Lionfish

The exotic red lionfish (Pterois Volitans) is a venomous predatory fish native to the Indian and Pacific oceans. They have invaded the reefs around the Virgin Islands. We are partnering with the National Park Service and CORE to help eliminate these fish that voraciously eat the indigenous reef fish.

Advanced Reef Photography

Want to take high quality pictures and video at depths up to forty feet without disturbing marine life? This course will teach you how to setup, maintain, and use a GoPro camera and a few key underwater lenses. You’ll also learn and practice a few tricks to approach and photograph fish without scaring them.

Map of our dive locations around St John, US Virgin Islands

Embark on a journey with us... A journey of mind, body, and soul. Lets go Freediving!

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